Root canals are common dental procedures to improve oral health, but they’re also one of the most feared. The truth is that a root canal can save a tooth, and with today’s state-of-the-art technology, they’re actually quite a simple procedure. Narjes Abtahi, DDS, and her highly trained team at Your Community Smile in Lansdowne, Virginia, regularly perform root canals to preserve teeth that have suffered severe damage or infection. If you have a decaying tooth, you may not need an extraction. Schedule your root canal consultation by calling the office or booking one online today.

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What is a root canal?

Each of your teeth has a soft area of nerves, blood vessels, and tissue at the center called the tooth pulp. Sometimes, the pulp gets damaged or infected, which can compromise the integrity and health of the entire tooth.

A root canal is a simple outpatient dental procedure designed to remove damaged tooth pulp to preserve your tooth. During a root canal, Dr. Abtahi cleans the pulp canal, removes all signs of infection, and seals the cavity to prevent future issues.

If left untreated, pulp infections can lead to tooth discoloration or necessitate the extraction of a tooth. Root canals can prevent these complications and save your natural tooth to keep your smile intact.

When do I need a root canal?

Dr. Abtahi often recommends a root canal if the pulp inside a tooth is damaged. Tooth pulp can suffer damage as a result of an injury, infection, or repeated dental procedures.

Damage triggers pulp to break down and die inside your tooth. Bacteria inside your tooth begin to multiply, which may lead to infection and complications, including:

  • Tooth pain
  • Sensitivity
  • Swelling
  • Abscess
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Bone loss around the tooth root

A root canal effectively clears out damaged pulp and infection to treat symptoms and improve your oral health. In many cases, a root canal can save your natural tooth and help you avoid extraction or tooth loss.

Are root canals painful?

No. While many people think that root canals are complicated, painful dental procedures, the truth is that they take just a couple of hours in an outpatient setting. In fact, root canals treat tooth pain from infection, and you may actually leave the office in less pain than when you arrived.

Root canals are performed under local anesthesia, and the Your Community Smile team prioritizes your comfort at all times. There’s little to no downtime following a root canal. You leave the office as soon as the procedure is over and return to your normal daily activities immediately.

If you’ve suffered an injury or infection, it’s time to find out if a root canal could be right for you. Call Your Community Smile or request a consultation online.